Season 15 - Week 5

Danny Lewis managed to pick a game that was postponed due to "heavy snow"... although there are allegations of match fixing going on, and the tabloids are reporting that Lewis paid sums of up to £10,000 to ensure that he didn't lose points this week.  Regardless his lead at the top remains impressive, and the chasing pack will have to work hard to overturn a lead approaching £6.  Matt Bailey has opened up a smaller gap in second (£1.11) banking on a continuation of fine form by Sheffield Wednesday.  Ricky Jones, Grant Elder and Ian Booth make up the top 5, alebit over £7 adrift of the leader, a cavernous gap even with five weeks remaining.

At the top of the Pele League Ian Booth chose a good 2.25 winner (Preston to beat Ipswich) to overtake Delahunt (brave boy backing Boro!) who slipped up.  Early leader Gibbons has dropped off the pace, allowing Lloyd to move into the top three, but an unusually competitve Pele League sees 6 players above £1 (and within £2 of the lead)  and with four time winner Nick Lines in that pack, there could be plenty of twists and turns yet.  The botttom four look increasingly in trouble, although Smith has helped the cause with a stirling 3.00 backing of Man U.

Sean Locke is the only player on 5/5 losses, although with snow affecting the early season, there are still a number of players without a win.

Picks of the Week

Darryn Cook chose the pick of the week, with a cracking £2.75 gain from Borussia Munchengladbach.  Daniel Cook made it a good week for the Cook family (he says not even knowing if they are related - come tell us on the forums) with a £2.00 gain from Man U's win, a result also spotted by Smith, Entwhistle and Jassal.  Tim Hughes and Craig the Ram make up the picks of the week with a £1.60 gain from Villa's away win.

Mid-Season Stat Attack

A wee break from the history of Weekend Predictor to bring you some vital stats on the season so far.  Away winners and draws continue to show more joy than home winners, with away winners returning an impressive £8.08 so far this season, draws show a minor £0.80 profit, whereas home winners have lost a frightening £41.18.

Sheffield Wednesday lead the way on profit, showing £10.22 gain over the course of the season, no surprise to see Chelsea and Man Utd in there, although West Brom and Barcelona's inclusion may raise some eyebrows

Sheff Wed10.22
Man Utd6.44
West Brom5.67

Tottenham have let the most people down (along with their London rivals Arsenal), unsurprisingly Celtic's poor form sees them in the bad performers table, but who keeps betting (unsuccessfully on Bordeaux!).  The Brums make up the numbers in the table of doom.


For once the top leagues are showing the way with the top three leagues making up 3/4 of the top performers this season, has the cream finally risen to the top..... in the season I dropped out of the top 3 leagues!

The Gary Lineker League6.68
The Pele League4.58
The Kenny Dalglish League3.6
The Maradona League0.59
The Ali Dia League-4.09
The Marco Boogers League-4.38
The Peter Devine League-4.78
The Dean Holdsworth League-5.22
The Paul Gascoigne League-5.97
The Alan Shearer League-7.1
The Jason ‘pineapple’ Lee League-7.35
The Paul Dickov League-8.86


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