Season 15 - Week 4

Danny Lewis continue to head the way with some impressive "safe" picking after his week 1 wonder pick. Morecambe at 1.90 was the perfect pick to maintain his £6+ cushion at the top of the league, and although there are still six weeks to go, the overall title looks worryingly like a one-horse race...... although the chasing pack may beg to differ. Ricky Jones leads the way, a good backing of West Brom to do the business at home to Newcastle (2.25) has closed the gap slightly. Delahunt picked a great winner (Wolves v Palace draw) and this looks like it could be his 5th good season in 7 years of picking. The pick also took him to the top of the Pele league, just reward for consistent predicting. Bailey and Smith make up the top 5, both picking solid picks in the 1.8-2.0 range.

Delahunt takes over from Gibbons in the top flight (with his second good winner after two postponements), although Gibbons is continuing his merry way with his 3rd winner out of 3 (with one postponed). For once the Pele league looks a good league, with 6/10 in positive figures and 8 winners this week, although early days - previous winner Smith (J) is looking increasingly forlorn at the bottom and may follow the likes of previous luminaries Rosser, Lines (T) and Shakespeare out of the top flight before too long.

Picks of the Week

A great big welcome to Richard Rimington, who in only his second pick smashed a 5.00 Stoke win over Arsenal into the back of the net (it's not always that easy Richard!). Delahunt's draw at 3.50 was second best, with Dunk's 2.90 (Roma away at Juventus) completing the top three. Craig Storey and Ben Warman also picked fine winners (2.62 - Reading to beat Burnley), both moving into the promotion zones accordingly.

History of Weekend Predictor - Part III

The second season saw the advent of the age of Pilkington, an age that lasted.... one season. Since then Pilkington has plummeted to the depths, although it should be noted he is just beginning a re-ascent, maybe we will soon have the second age of Pilkington (but I doubt it). The age of Pilkington was built on the fine debut Premiership season of Reading, and as their season went from strength to strength so did Pilkington's (Hull last year provided similar value). Although it has subsequently been bettered 7 times, Pilkington's £7.59 season was seen as a remarkable score and gained him considerable kudos. 

Season 2 also saw the introduction of a two league system for the first time, and thus gave Nick Lines the opportunity to win his first Pele League title (he has subsequently won 3 more). Nick's picking style is cautious and consistent, preferring to bank money consistently to hitting big winners. It is notable that Nick has 3 of the 4 lowest winning totals on record.... but twice as many titles as the next contender, so mock him at your peril (unless you are mocking his ginger hair, freckles and resemblence to a Duracell battery when wearing a suit - then mock away!)

Next week: Worst Season ever - This could be referring to either Southworth's only WP title (with a poor £4.66 - the worst ever winning total) or indeed his beloved Blackburn's only Premiership title.


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