Season 4 - Week 3

Are you sitting down?  Not holding anything valuable?  Good let's begin with the amazing news that we would have beaten the bookie this week if we had all wandered down to bookie and individually placed £1 on our selections.  We would have won an immense £3.15 an 8.1% return on our investment.  This was helped no end by Craig Lowe (Crewe away) and Andrew Wickett (Partick away) both picking 2-1 winners.

Three weeks in and only one person (Chris Cornwall) has failed to pick a winner, but amazingly five people have picked three winners out of three.  Can any of them continue on to a) break my record of picking 8 consecutive winners and b) achieve the perfect 10 (no not fannying about on a vault and sprung floor - but picking ten winners in ten weeks).  Early days for sure, but this select band of people are in with a chance.

David Lloyd, Rob Noyce, Nick Kelly, Tim Hughes, Ross Jones - we salute you one and all.

Pele League - £3,340 - 6/10 - League Performance -£6.41

The Rat is cautiously progressing towards the title, although behind him it's anyone's game as everyone seems to be dining at the table of stupidity.  At least you were close with Fulham at home Tony.....

Lineker League - £10,691 - 6/10 - League performance +£0.38

Competence indeed, mildly ahead of the bookies, Nick Kelly storming to +£2.55, three other people +£1 or better - remarkable performances all around.  Good to see Joel forging his way up to the top flight, a modern day Wimbledon in more than one way.  The demise of Jimmy is sad to see however the Friday night game letting him down and presumably ruining his whole weekend.

Dickov League - £6,042 - 6/10 - League Performance -£9.02

The worse performing league.... yet the most exciting, only £2.72 separates top from bottom, meaning that all it needs is for someone to stand up and be counted, take the league by the scruff of the neck, stand out from the crowd or step up a gear and the league and the honour will surely be theirs.  Alternatively let the autopicker kick in, as the other muppets are going to doom themselves at this rate.

Lee League - £1,871 - 6/9 - League Performance +£4.72

You guys are good, 4 out of the top 5 overall and the top performing league.  I think this league could do it this season, and finally beat the bookies.  Congrats to Ross Jones, a welcome addition to the league, overall leader and picking genius.... so far.  Tim Hughes trying to arrest his Wimbledon/MK Dons like slide is also performing admirably.  Craig Lowe and Andrew Wickett with some good long-picking make up the quadratic promotion equation at the top.


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