Season 15 - Week 3

Overall Summary

Sensible picking from Danny Lewis sees him consolidate his impressive lead at the top - a massive £6.60 clear of his rivals, he just needs to find 6/7 winners to be all but sure of the title..... which isn't always easy to do!  Ricky Jones, with a big 3.50 Sheff Wed away winner has moved into second, Matt Bailey (with the same winner) moves into second and Al Smith continues his good form in his debut season to take 4th overall.  Grant Elder managed to find one of the few games that was off, to remain in 5th.

Pele League Summary

Trevor Gibbons (boo) leads the Pele title, and is 6th in the overall league, although he needed a 97th minute winner by Ipswich to keep him top.  James Delahunt should be doubly congratulated, firstly for finding a game that was on (after 2 postponements) and secondly for immediately finding a 2.10 winner (Brentford) to put him second in the league.  Matt Britcliffe needs to find a winner soon or his return to the Pele league could be short-lived!

Picks of the Week

An astonishing 8 people picked Stoke to beat Liverpool this week, value for sure, but the only person really laughing is Craig Storey who picked the draw (3.70), the only person to do so and gaining him pick of the week.  Jones and Bailey picked the second best at 3.50 with Sheff Wed.  After that there weren't many impressive winners, Malone's 2.30 for Blackburn to beat Fulham and Delahunt and Fields' picks of Brentford the only other winners above 2.00

History of Weekend Predictor - Part II

Well done the more eagle-eyed of you who spotted that my 9 founder members only included 8 people, I did of course forget the unforgettable Paul "Shakey" Shakespeare.... although he would probably want to forget his debut season.

The first season was a bumper 30 week season and James Holland laid down his marker with the biggest opening week pick.  Sadly it all went down hill for Holland after that and he quit, embarassingly adrift at the bottom of the all-time league in Season 4.  Week 2 saw the arrival of 4-times Pele champion Nick Lines and although his first season performance (9th out of 12) was nothing to write home about, he soon gained the knack and is the runaway leader in terms of all-time Pele league titles won.

Despite early promise from Jon Dunk and remarkable early performances from Tim Lines (joined week 9) and Chris Cornwall (week 14), the first ever Pele League title was ultimately won by Matthew Gibbons, who despite not taking the lead until Week 25 finished strongly gaining £4.79 in the last 7 weeks.  Sadly this has proved to be the zenith of the predicting career Gibbons Jr and he has now dropped down the leagues.

Next week Season 2 - a shock and (ultimately) fluke win for David Pilkington and Nick Lines' first title


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