Season 15 - Week 2

Well first off congratulations to the 62/106 people who managed to find a game that wasn't snowed off, I hope you are not one of the 23 people who are now wishing (like me) that their game was called off after all. 

Danny Lewis was one of the 23 people to find a loser this week, but still heads the overall league by £6.06 due to his 11.00 week 1 pick of Leeds to beat Man U.  Joel Wrigley heads the chasing pack thanks to his monumental pick of Birmingham to hold Man U to a draw, and just behind him is Grant Elder & Pete Cornwell who both picked a monumentaler pick of Forest to beat West Brom.  Al Smith is worthy of a mention in 5th place overall in his first season.  Well done, bet it doesn't last though ;-)

With many games called off, there are less people with a 100% losing record than there normally would be at this time of the season.  Amongst them though is the reigning overall champion Matt Britcliffe , the delightfully named Wasup Bitch (presumably a good friend of Emma Sht Box) and what I really hope is the comedian Sean Locke, but is probably a morris dancer from Hackney.

Pele League Summary

It genuinely pains me to say that my Dad (Trevor Gibbons) leads the Pele league, a league that had a higher than usual number of snowed off games (50%) - whether this was luck or tactical I don't know, but it leaves the league very tight, with only site creator Southworth making any sort of move with a massive 0.57p gain!!  There are some notables in the relegation zone, and Nick Lines the reigning champion just one above it.....

Picks of the Week

Elder and Cornwell both picked the Forest victory at 4.50, Smith (Al) and Wrigley the Birmingham v Man U draw at 3.80.  Dave Entwhistle picked a 3.00 AC Milan away win at Juventus as a reward for avoiding the snow-clad UK.

A brief history of Weekend Predictor - Part I

Some of the newer members to the site may be unaware of the history of WP, so I thought I would provide you with a summary.  The first part will focus on the "Founder Members".  In the week leading up to 1st October 2005 I came up with the "great" idea of everyone chipping in a quid and us all picking a team and placing the resulting £9 (I only have 8 friends.... I say have, a couple of them have since taken out court orders preventing me from referring to them as friends now) on as an accumulator.  From this was born Weekend Predictor in the form it is now in.  The founder members were (current league in brackets):

Jon Dunk (Maradona)

James Holland (Quit as he was so rubbish)

Matt Gibbons (That's be me - Ali Dia League)

David Lloyd (Pele League)

Tony Southworth (Pele League)

Rob Noyce (Ali Dia League)

Jimmy Smith (Pele League)

Tim Hughes (Shearer League)

Also of note is Nick Lines (4 time Pele  league winner) who joined in Week 2....

Coming next week - Part II, the early years.


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