Season 15 - Week 1

Well we had to wait 5-6 weeks last season for a big winner, but this season a monster winner has come in Week 1.  The Lineker League's Danny Lewis has hit a jackpot 11.00 pick (Leeds to beat Man U) and garnered himself a double figured start to the season.  In 9 of the 14 previous seasons a breakeven season from here on in would be enough for the title.... but as some of us have found to our cost a breakeven season can be fiendishly dififcult to achieve.

The rest of us were predominantly rubbish, the week between Xmas and New Year most people forget to pick, and there was a large number of low value winners.  It speaks volumes that the 5th highest winning pick this week was 1.61!


Oh well despite this 29 people managed to pick losers.  Booth and Gibbons (Sr) head up the top flight with good 2.20 picks.  Jeevan Jassal was the only other player to break the 2.00 barrier....... nothing else to say really, so bye.



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