Season 14 - Week 10

Congratulations to Matt Britcliffe, who becomes the 13th different overall winner, only the legendary David Rosser has won the overall league twice (with back-to-back winners in Seasons 5&6).  In what was a disappointing season for many Britcliffe's winning score of £6.20 was the third lowest winning score of all time and the lowest since Season 6.  That shouldn't take anything away from Britcliffe though who defied difficult predicting conditions to win the title.  Long-time leader F.T.J will rue his mid-season blip and was the only other player close on £5.45, with Delahunt and Storey in 2nd and 3rd.

Nick Lines found the big winner I was talking about in last week's analysis and rose like a phoenix from the Ashes from 10th to top in one foul swoop with a 7.50 pick of Plymouth to win at Cardiff.  This is his fourth Pele League title (a record) and he has become the first player to register back-to-back Pele league titles, a remarkable domination of the top flight as no-one else has won more than two titles (Rosser and Shakespeare).  On the down side his £2.24 is the lowest ever winning score, but on the up side (for him) he has relegated the last remaining ever present in the Pele league (and his brother to boot) Tim Lines.

Dunk, Rosser and Callan accompany Lines (T) down, with Rosser gone could we be in for a period of substantial domination by Lines (N)???

Replacing them in the top flight are founder league members Lloyd and Cornwall and rising start Delahunt and reigning overal champion Britcliffe.  Can they raise the standard of a noticeably poor Pele League.

With low scores abound some people have gained promotion with distinctly average performance, Kingsley and Pilkington going up with a negative score from the Gascoigne and Devine Leagues respectively.

Botttom of the overall League is a one-time Pele winner (Nick Kelly - season 5), but with 57/101 unable to find positivity this season perhaps we can all just start again in a new season and hope for better things, there are 14 players in the holding league that will need to be fed in, and we'll work out the new pyramid system as soon as we can, hell we might even re-arrange the league names so that Gazza isn't worse than Peter Devine!

Picks of the Week

Nick Lines is the star of the show with his long-shot (7.50) showing why WP is so much fun, and so unpredictable, notable mentions to F.T.J who found promotion and second place in the overall league with a 3.20 and Sohail Virdi who escaped relegation with a 2.50, but in the main another difficult predicting week.  Roll on the New Year and the new season.

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