Season 14 - Week 9

Well with only a week to go in Season 14 it is crunch time for many people.  The overall league looks predominantly sewn up, with Matt Britcliffe seemingly set for his first ever title, but with some big winners this week, nothing is certain in the world of Weekend Predicting.  A comfortably lead of £3.70 over James Delahunt in second though means that Matt can go safe in the 1.40-1.60 range and leave Delahunt needing a 5.00+ winner to close the gap.  Having said that Matt picked a "banker" this week in Chelsea to beat West Ham at 1.40 and that didn't work out so well, so who knows.  At the other end Rob Weston reversed his losing trend by picking Portsmouth at 6.00 (one of many to spot the value) and spectacularly escaped the Wooden Spoon leaving previous Pele League winner Nick Kelly at the bottom of the overall league.

The Pele league is arguably the most exciting league we have ever seen with the top 8 all having a reasonable chance of the title, and the top 6 separated by a mere 41p.  Sadly this is because the standard of picking has been woeful, but it will lead to some interesting picking in the final week, as even Ian Booth in 1st is only £1.33 away from relegation, so we could well see some people shooting for the title and getting relegated instead!

Picks of the week

For the second consecutive week, there were some big winners.  Danny Lewis picked the biggest winner of the week, backing Fulham at 7.00 to beat an injury hit Manchester United (how did no-one else spot this value!).  Also impressive was the 6.00 pick of Portsmouth to beat a woeful Liverpool, spotted by Rob Weston, Matt Gibbons (get in) and Dougal Kerr.  For Weston and Gibbons it has given genuine hope of escaping relegation, whereas Lewis' pick took him from second bottom to promotion chaser.  No-one else picked a winner above 2.40.

It's all about the value

Although losing a £1 when you lose can at times feel like a dagger through the heart, it is worth noting that the top two in the league, Britcliffe and Delahunt have only for win percentages of 44%, David Rosser heads the all-tim league, but he also tends to win big less frequently.  Conversely if you exclude James Darby (who is in the holding league) you have to go down to 11th in league to find the first person to pick 8/9 winners (well done Jen Lewis).

James Darby is perhaps one to note for the future thought, although he does not head the Holdsworth league, he has achieved his "profit" through considered away picking (4/4 away winners) and with the pyramid system could well be gracing the upper echelons of WP before too long.

Good luck in your last week, remember to look down as well as up and vice versa, I promise you there is a 5.00+ winner out there, good luck in finding it.


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