Season 14 - Week 8

Well it's been a long time coming, but a big winner has defined the season.  People missed the opportunities presented by Burnley winning a couple of big ones at home, and Wolves turning over Tottenham, but four people spotted Villa's propensity to overcome a Man U team that ravaged by defensive injuries for a monumental £6.50 gain.  For Rosser and Hughes this has simply reversed what was a horrible season, and practically wiped out their £7.00 deficit, Delahunt has moved to the top of the Lineker League and moved up to 5th in the overall league, but for Britcliffe it has propelled him to the top of the overall league and given him a £3.21 lead with only 2 weeks to go.

Craig Storey must be gutted, in any other week his £3.60 winner would have sent shock waves reverberating around the top of the league, but he now needs to find another big winner to bridge the gap from 2nd to 1st.  Chrissy Blackers has dropped to 3rd despite picking a winner, and FTJ, who has been locked on to the title is now well back in 4th nearly £4 off the pace.

Rob Weston is now the only player not to have picked a winner and surely  must be gutted to have been on the wrong end of the coupon buster that was Wolves beating Tottenham, can he find an even bankier banker to reverse the losing trend next week.

The Pele league is truly woeful this year with Ian Booth leading with a mere £1.56, I don't know what it is about the top flight that brings out the worse in people.  The only benefit of their incompetence, is that it means it is a truly open league, with even Rosser and Lines (T) in the relegation zone having genuine hopes of the title a mere £2 off the pace.  Only Lines (N) and Callan look genuinely off the pace, and they will be looking for a Rosser like inspirational pick to save their seasons.

Picks of the Week

What a week for big picks, Rosser, Hughes, Britcliffe and Delahunt all picked the Villa win at 7.50, but credit also to Ben Gould who picked the Chelsea Everton draw at 5.50 to turnaround a poor season.  This made a remarkable 5 people who had better picks than Martyn Cornwell's 4.33, which in any other week would have been a standout pick (Montpellier away at Toulouse!).  Locke, Lloyd, Storey, Blackley, Entwistle, and Rimington all picked winner above 3.00 in a bonanza week for long-pickers.

All of these big winners contributed to an overall league performance of +£20.30 a commendable effort indeed.

Well we are entering the final stages of the season now, and I hope you are in a better position than me (£5 of safety!), pick wisely and the glory will be yours, follow me and you are truly desperate!


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