Season 14 - Week 7

F.T.J reverses a two week losing streak and continues to lead the overall league, although his win was a hardly resounding 25p gain, it is enough to keep him 75p ahead of Chrissy Blackers, who him/herself gained considerably in the week with a £1.50 gain from Southampton's win over Walsall).  It is increasingly looking a two horse race at the top, with a cavernous gap opening up to Jimmy Smith and Craig Storey in 3rd and 4th respectively.

Jimmy Smith though is leading the Pele League and, bidding for his second Pele League title, looks well set to hold off Jake Jones and Tony Southworth who are £1.50 behind.  Having said that with 6 other people within £3 and five of them winning this week, there is still plenty of opportunity for some aggressive picking to open up the title race.  Rosser's shocking season continues and he looks doomed in the Pele League, he could well be joined by Nick Lines, these two have won 5 Pele League titles between them, and would be considered quite a shock.

Rob Weston is the only other player yet to have found a winner this season.

Picks of the Week

Matt Britcliffe leads the way this week, with a massive 4.50 winner (Man City to beat Chelsea), but this was a good week for bigger winners, with David Lloyd picking Birmingham at 3.80, Bill Imrie picking the QoS v Inverness draw at 3.50.  Martyn Cornwell backed Morecambe at 3.00 and a plethora (okay 3) picked Southampton at 2.50.

Stat Attack

It was a good week overall with a £7.22 profit, and only 35/113 people picking losses.  There are pockets of solid picking, with the Ali Dia League being the most impressive with a loss of £1.51 to date.  The Pele League (often the graveyeard for pickers oddly enough) is solidly mid pack, with the mantle of poor picking transferring the the Maradona and the Shearer League, which are losing at a rate of 25% and 18% respectively.

Overall Performance

The Ali Dia League -1.51
The Kenny Dalglish League -3.12
The Peter Devine League -5.05
The Jason ‘pineapple’ Lee League -5.34
The Marco Boogers League -5.68
The Pele League -6.61
The Dean Holdsworth League -6.81
The Paul Gascoigne League -7.67
The Paul Dickov League -10.31
The Gary Lineker League -11.05
The Alan Shearer League -13.21

The Maradona League


This is perhaps surprising as the Maradona league had the best week 7.

Week 7 Performance


The Maradona League 2.9
The Jason ‘pineapple’ Lee League 2.82
The Marco Boogers League 2.28
The Ali Dia League 1.86
The Kenny Dalglish League 1.13
The Pele League 0.84
The Dean Holdsworth League 0.51
The Gary Lineker League 0.12
The Paul Dickov League -0.82
The Alan Shearer League -0.82
The Peter Devine League -1.62
The Paul Gascoigne League -1.98

Rising Stars

As the number of WP leagues ever increases, some future stars are still working their way up the leagues, and don't get many mentions in the analysis accordingly.  Emma Sht Box has had 3 successive positive seasons, and is £1.67 up this season as well, her name may stink, but her performance doesn't..  Craig the Ram had a schocking first season (-£5.50), but has since had a £5.50 season and is one of the few in the +£2 range this season.  At the other end of the scale Lisa Bradbury is in her 5th consecutive negative season.... in her 5th season.


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