Season 14 - Week 6

In the overall league F.T.J loses for the second consecutive week but still maintains his lead at the top of the league, in what has either been a very difficult season to pick, or a very incompetent season (I vote for the former, as I'm currently languishing in 95th) there are low scores abound and F.T.J's +£5.00 is still enough to give him a £1.81 lead over Steve Ball in 2nd.  Chrissy blackers and Chris Cornwall make up the top four.

Tim Lines looks to have thrown away another Pele League title with a loss which has allowed Jimmy Smith to take the lead (albeit with a poor £1.92).  Jake Jones, Ian Booth and..... Tony Southworth (really?) all remain in the hunt.  Last year's winner Nick Lines has dropped into the relegation zone.

Weston, Rosser and Hughes have all yet to find a winner.  No-one has picked 10 losers in a season yet, we still have three in the race to do it this year!

Picks of the week

Sean Locke had the pick of the week, his pick of Ipswich to do Cardiff at 5.00 easily the pick of the week and on the pick's of the season so far (but still a log way off the best pick of all time - Ben Drury's massive 17.00 for Hull to beat Arsenal).  Alan Blackley was the only other person to break the magical 3.00 barrier this week, his 3.60 for the Rotherham v Luton draw showing a tremendous knowledge of the lower leagues.  Surprisingly only Jon Dunk and Martin Malone picked Liverpool's win at Everton and they had the next best picks at 2.20.

Stat Attack

Worst week ever?  The performance of the pickers this week has had the statisticians scrambling to work out if this week's loss of £48.60 is the worst week ever (average loss 43.39p).  Certainly it is the worst of this season, surpassing Week 2's £21.62 loss.

Worst Season ever?  Quite possibly, I have never seen a season where we have lost overall every single week (the best week was a loss of £0.94 in week 3.  Potentially this is linked to the inconsistency in the Premiership, with many of the previous "bankers" not being as consistent, particularly amongst the UEFA cup contenders.  There was a time when Everton or Fulham at home was almost a guaranteed 1.6 - 2.0 pick, but the pre-eminence of some unfanciable teams and the poor form of some of big boys has reduced the return.

Maybe we have all become too negative?  Previous seasons have produced some good big winners, and there has been opportunity this season with Burnley producing some shock results, Boro's poor form should have also given rise to some good opportunity, and Celtic and Rangers have both lost surprisingly at times.  Where have the risk takers gone?  Who wants to grasp the nettle by the horns (eh? Editor), the league is there to be won, if you call it, it will come (Double eh? Editor)


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