Season 14 - Week 4

 F.T.J goes from strength to strength at the top, with another big winner (picking his 3rd draw in 4 weeks!) increasing his lead to £2.95. Has he got half an eye on Nik Simms’ record season (£13.55), certainly on present form he is on course, but there is a long way to go. Richard Ingham takes advantage of Daniel Cook and Ross Jones’ profligacy to move into second, with Ball and Blackers moving into 3rd and 4th albeit well behind the runaway leader.

The Pele league is looking more like it’s normal self with perennial favourites Tim Lines and Jimmy Smith taking over the top two spots following the failure of Callan and Gibbons and Jones’ bad memory (unless he chose to go for a 1.03!). Tim Lines of course has a history of always the bridesmaid and will doubtless end up 2nd again!

Only Hughes, Weston, Lewis and Rosser have failed to pick a winner. The amusing part (for me) is that I know that Hughes has decided to follow Rosser’s picks this season as he has been so incompetent himself, unfortunately our long-time leader in the overall league is going through a bad trot and Hughes has definitely chosen the wrong season to plagiarise picks! It should be noted though that although Rosser is going through a bad trot he remains well clear in the all-time league with a monumental £22.90 profit well clear (£7.68) of the chasing pack.

Picks of the week

Craig the Ram has the pick of the week with his 5.00 pick of Brighton away at Southampton easily the best success of the week. David Pilkington gets a rare positive mention (waaaay bottom of the all-time league) with his Norway pick coming in at 3.60. Both Emma Sht Box and F.T.J spotted the Bury v Notts County draw at 3.30(how?) . No-one else broke the magic 3.00 barrier.

Focus on…… Tim Lines

The lesser freckled, taller and more manly Lines brother has found great favour amongst the WP Gods and remains the only player to have never been relegated from the top flight. An almost ever-present he joined about half way through the first season and has never really looked back.

A rugger bugger at heart, he really knows nothing about football and survives on his wits and the occasional tactical rugby tackle on Premiership players to ensure that his team faces weakened opposition (ask yourself why Rio Ferdinand is suffering from a bad back…..).

A couple of poor seasons (10&12) came at fortuitous times when others were worse, and take little away from the overall record of +£5.33, an impressive feat after almost 150 picks.   His picks this season have predominantly been on towns and countries that are more known for their rugby prowess, leading me to think that potentially he actually thinks he is betting on rugby matches, either that or his contacts with the media make this the greatest scam since an entire race meet was invented! I mean did anyone actually watch Wales beat Scotland???


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