Season 4 - Week 2

Jason Lee league indeed - these guys are pros, experts, untapped talent.... okay it might be hyperbole at this early stage but Ross Jones and Tim Hughes from the so-called bottom league are showing us all the way with massive profits of £2.87 and £2.75 respectively.  At the bottom of the league there are 12 (twelve) people who have yet to pick a winner.  Illustrious names such as James Holland, Paul Drury, Chris Cornwall and Matt Haywood are amongst them, as well as newby Jake Jones, Simon "I'm not very" Gurd and Trevor "an embarassment to the name" Gibbons.

Pele League; 4/10; Potential Winnings £2,647; Verdict - Titanic Performance... i.e. sinking fast

With only two people left with a 100% record (the Rat and the Monkey) - the rest are simply tarnishing the good name of the Pele League.  I actually thought this week was the week, the picks were all sensible, the pickers have all got a proven track record, but it wasn't to be.  Derby let down Nick, Watford surprised Paul and a plethora of other home bankers were destined not to be.  Oh well at least I'm back where I belong.  Sing it "I am top of the league say I am top of the league"

Lineker League; 4/10; Potential Winnings £3,926; Verdict - As dodgy as the ref's at Arsenal's home games

What's the going over the hill?  Is it Nick Kelly, is it Nick Kelly?  Even though Rob and David have also picked 2/2 it is Nick Kelly's boldness that have seen him pull up up and away from the rest of the pack.  Simon Gurd and David Rosser look destined to return to the Dickov League unless they can find a winner from somewhere.  Jimmy's bid to return to the top flight started off poorly, but he will console himself that he has finally managed to pick a winner after 3,343 (or at least it seemed that long) consecutive unsuccesful picks.

Dickov League; 3/10; Potential Winnings £2,013; Verdict - As bad as Steve McLaren.

Only two people have managed to find positive figures this week and only 7 winners have been picked in 2 weeks.  Quite simply this is rubbish - now I know you've got Paul Shakespeare in your league, but that's not an excuse.  Pete Finch leads the way (2/2 well done!) from Gary Lewis and at the bottom it is a monumental battle to see who knows the least about football..... now I'm off to find out whether you can get emancipated from just one of your parents.... Mum would be in the Pele league by now!

Lee League; 6/9; Potential Winnings £10,902; Verdict - Actually a really good effort, the picks were bold and the returns would have been superb.

Mind the gap, mind the gap - A familiar refrain to any commuters in London, and now a familiar refrain to all those in the Lee League as Tim Hughes & Ross Jones open up a formidable gap over the chasing pack.  Sheffield is the scourge of this league as Wednesday let down Jake Jones and United thwarted Matt Bailey.  Andrew Wickett fell into the trap of thinking Reading are rubbish - an easy mistake, but mark my words, Reading are overpriced at the bookies for a team that have won 6/7 in 2007.

* Please note that there were a couple of abandoned games and that if that's you, then you're showing a -£1.  This will be changed to £0 when Tony gets back off his snowboarding holiday...... I'm sure you can go to the league and add £1 on to you score.....


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