Season 14 - Week 3

F.T.J leads the way with an impressive £4.75 after just 3 weeks. This is enough to give him a £1.10 lead at the top, well deserved after a cracking pick of a Wigan v Fulham draw (3.30). The Gascoigne league is showing the way, with the second place Daniel Cook in the same league, he also had a good result this week with his intricate knowledge of the German Leagues (Wolfsburg away at 2.90) paying off. Last week’s leader Ball drops to third, despite another winner. Ross Jones, Richard Ingham and Crunkhorn lead the chasing back, three players who have it within them to “go big”, as their PB seasons of £7.71, £8.60 & £7.03 show.

At the other end 8 people have yet to pick a winner, including Luminaries such as Rosser, Kelly and the site’s creator Southworth.

In the Pele league Callan leads with a distinctly disappointing £1.20, following on from last year’s lowest ever winning Pele score (Nick Lines £2.42) is this proof that cream really sinks to the bottom? With the top 7 all within £1.80 it is nearly anyone’s game, although Rosser and Southworth without a winner will surely only be thinking of survival for the moment.

Picks of the Week

F.T.J’s draw pick was the highest pick of the week, Lloyd and Ingham both picked Everton to win away at West Ham for a generous 3.00, and Cook’s Lederhosen fetish secures him the next highest pick. With few big winners, Blackers and Cornwell get a rare mention with QPR away winners at 2.40.

Stat Attack

With 313 picks to date I think it is time for some stats. We have had 201/313 home picks, with 69.6% of the home picks coming in. Away picks (93/313) have been marginally more successful (40.8%) than draws (31.6%), but as we all know it is not the number of times you win, but the amount that is important in this game!

Home picks have lost £3.33 overall an average of 1.65% loss per pick. Away picks have lost a monumental £26.42 (-28.4%) and draws are the surprising winners, gaining £1.10 (or 5.8% per pick). I should warn you though that in the past away winners have been more successful and draws have been folly, so pick wisely if you’re looking for a deadlock to get you out of trouble.

Maybe location can help you out? Despite Cook’s German result the Bundesliga has been a pickers graveyard with an average loss of over 40%. The big winners appear to the League 1 in England and Division 1 in Scotland with Italy and Spain also paying well.

Coca-Cola League One
Scotland Division One
FA Cup
Spain Primera Liga
Italy Serie A
Grand Total
France Le Championnat
Barclays Premier League
Coca-Cola League Championship
Scotland Premier League
Germany Bundesliga I
Coca-Cola League Two


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