Season 14 - Week 2

Some new(er) names at the top of the both the overall league and the Pele league augur well for an exciting season ahead.  Steve Ball (who had done all the hard work in week 1) heads the league, following up his 2.75 winner in week 1, with a 1.90 winner this week.  Behind him John Conduit is the model of consistency with a 2.3 in week 1 and a 2.25 in week 2.  Storey and Callan follow closely behind with cracking 3.25 and 4.20 picks respectively.

Callan leads the Pele league, and with Jake Jones and Gibbons (T) in 2nd and 3rd, we may yet have a new winner of the top flight, with 3 of the last 4 winners being repeat winners it would be nice to have a change at the top, lest we end up like the Premiership.

24 people have started off the season with two losses, it is still early on, but some people are already giving themselves a mountain to climb in the leagues where there are 4 down.

Picks of the week

Remarkably only Simon Callan picked that Fulham would continue Liverpool's poor run, and thus is the outright winner of "pick of the week" gaining an impressive £3.20.  Ross Jones similarly picked a pick that looks value in retrospect, backing Barnsley to win away at a poor Peterborough (£2.50 gain).  Craig Storey did well to spot that Cardiff v Forest would end in a draw (£2.25).  3 people spotted Pompey's resurgence, and accordingly garnered £1.50 (Ricky Jones, Richard Ingham and David Entwistle [more on him later]).

Focus on..... Simon Callan

Our new leader in the Pele League is an odd fish, he has managed to climb to the top flight despite only 3 seasons of positivity.  Starting in the 5th flight it was not a promising start with back-to-back -£2 seasons, but showing the Midas touch that has taken him to the top (and benefiting from some clearing out of inactives) he managed to still climb the leagues.  Consecutive positive season (with his higlight being £7.72 in Season 8) allowed him to climb to the heights of league 3.  3 more negative seasons ensued, but always just enough to allow him to maintain his league status.  Last season he benefited from the new pyramid season, and a good start to the season and consolidated late on to allow him entry to the top flight, where he has flourished for all to see.

Little is known of Simon, with rumours circulating that he is a reclusive multi-milliionaire, who never wears clothes behind the high walls of his Lincolnshire mansion.  All we do know is that he is currently sitting top of the Pele league and that he has a whipping boy, who he has whipped when his WP pick doesn't come in.


There are some people who like to build up their winning streaks, notable Chris Roberts, whose 20 winners on the bounce still remains the record.  But who has the best equity (winning streak vs losing streak).... well I'll tell you

Name Winning Streak Losing Streak Equity Streak
Chris Roberts 20 6 14
Pete Baker 14 3 11
Jake Jones 15 5 10
goga nikuradze 15 6 9
rasboa 11 2 9

And those who can't find a winner as often as they find a loser....

Name Winning Streak Losing Streak Equity Streak
Lisa Bradbury 4 14 -10
F.T.J 3 9 -6
Dave Entwistle 1 6 -5
Richard Ingham 4 9 -5
Trevor Gibbons 4 9 -5

A couple of things to note here. Dad get a grip, a biggest winning streak of 4 is pathetic, you've been playing for ages!  Lisa Bradbury were you trying to lose?  Dave Entistle..... I know you haven't been playing long, but c'mon surely you can find back-to-back winners somehow!


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