Season 13 - Week 10

Wow, what a last week, Ricky Jones has thrown away a monumental lead, all he needed to do was pick a winner to guarantee a first ever overall title, similarly Tim Lines has blown his debut Pele league title aspirations in a similar fashion.  Tim went somewhat safer than Ricky, his pick of Boro to beat Watford was (almost) nailed on, Ricky Jones went for glory with a week 10 away pick (Bristol Rovers), when a win of any sort would have secured the title.

Let's take nothing away from Craig the Ram though, who needd and got a big winner (Notts County drawing their second consecutive game).  You also have to feel a little for David Hatchard who could have so easily won the overall title when Sunderland turned over Liverpool (surely too big at 5.00), he sneaks into second leaving Ricky Jones a disconsolate 3rd.


Pele League

Tim Lines' slip allowed (oh the shame) his elder brother Nick to sneak and win his third (a new record) Pele League title by a mere 4p from Jimmy Smith and Tim Lines tied in second.  Jimmy must be ruing his poor maths, as he calculated what he needed to catch Tim, but forgot about the extra 5p needed to pip Nick.  Tim Lines can console himself though as he remains the only player to remain in the top flight (13 consectutive seasons!).

At the other end, the bottom four all lost, assuming that they needed far bigger winners than they ultimately did, leaving a very lucky David Rosser safe, although both Gould and Kelly were both unlucky in picking draws in games that were ultimately very close.

Maradona League

Dunk and Jake Jones get promoted in a blaze of misery, both of them ending the season in woeful form, sadly for Clare and Ingham they could not find the winners that would have taken them up to the top flight,  Lloyd opted to play safe and secure his Lineker League future (and indeed a loss would have relegated him).  Britcliffe survives by only 5p, despite his loss, leaving the bottom four as was.

Lineker League

Both Callan and Southworth knew what needed to be done, in a league festooned with autopickers, and duly secured promotion.  Gibbons managed to marginally outpick the autopickers and stay safe, whereas the Baker, Jamie Jones and Virdi all failed to outpick the autpickers and were relegated accordingly.  Noyce could not find consecutive big winners and goes down bottom.

Shearer League

John Conduit provides the big story of the week in the Sheare League with a massive 5.00 winner in week 10 rocketing to the title, Craig Lowe had already done the hard work earlier in the season, and secured the 2nd promotion spot, but you have to feel for Heseltine in 3rd, who picked a 4.00 winner and ended on £3.55 but still couldn't get promotion!

At the other end Hughes and Crunkhorn found winners, but not salvation and go down

Dickov League

Ricky Jones may have blown the overall title, but still gets promoted, along with Grant Elder, who had a mighty impressive season as well.  Baker's last ditch bid for the title failed when he lost!

Wickham's loss in the last week allowed Omoriyekemwen to escape, Hastie went too safe in the last week and was relegated despite her winner.

Lee League

Lewis and Simms both did the maths and secured promotion with bankers, Emma Sht Box clearly has sht for brains, as she picked a fine winner, but it was never going to be enough, although she can count herself unlucky to not get promoted with £2.77.  Both Andrew Jones with a 3.00 and Matt Wilkinson with a 2.20 found timely biggish winners to escape relegation and consign Ingham and Blackley the elder to relegation.

Dia League

Delahunt was always well clear, and gets the title, but a late huge winner from Cornwell (5.25, read it and weep!) takes him above a frivolous Storey who has blown a good position and practically guaranteed promotion.

Drury and Pilkington were long doomed and despite valiant (read pathetic) efforts could not find the big week 10 winner.

Boogers League

Some impressive scores on the doors, with Craig the Ram and Hatchard on £6+  With 4 up Pete Cornwell makes it a good week for the Cornwell clan.  With Ellie D sneaking in despite her loss.

F.T.J joins Lisa Bradbury (who finally picked a winner!) in relegation.

Devine League

Rubbish league more like, Edge, Hodgkin, Gill and Welsh all go up despite poor seasons.  Kingsley, Shaw and Lythe relegated.... gotta dash my Chinese is here.

Good luck in the new season



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