Season 13 - Week 9

Ricky Jones has opened up a monumental lead at the top of the overall  league.  There are some who would have played it safe once they reached the top, but not Ricky, who has firmly put the boot in when he was leading.  He picked a big 2.50 (Accrington Stanley home win).  Delahunt did go safe and moves past Grant Elder, who has fallen from grace in the last few weeks and now resides in 8th in the overall league (although still looking good for promotion from his league).  Craig the Ram is making a late charge for the title and if he can find another 4.33 winner (Notts County v Torquay draw) then the pressure will be on Jones at the top.

At the other end Lisa Bradbury is on course for an (im)perfect 10, as she managed to pick her 9th straight loser this season.  Greece to beat Latvia may have looked nailed on, on paper, but with Lisa in the run of form she is in, then nothing is sure.

Tim Lines looks all but guaranteed for a first ever Pele league title, but with the elder Lines lurking within long-shot range and even Smith, Booth and T Gibbons within range were he to pick a loser in week 10, then he must must must find a winner to secure the title.  Can some mind games from Lines Sr force an error from the seemingly unflappable Lines Jr?

Only Lines x 2  and Smith found winners in week 9.  As Booth, Gibbons and Rosser will have to look down and presumably pick safe (although you never can tell) it does look in all honesty like a three horse race at best for the title.  Kelly and Gould are roughly a pound from safety and will be hoping for one of the pickers above them to slip up.  Shakespeare needs slip ups and a good winner, Cornwall needs nothing short of a miracle.

Maradona League

Dunk and Jones look secure in promotion, although Ingham will harbour hope of a decent pick and last week nerves from the top two.  With Ono and Fields doomed at the bottom, Lloyd has escaped the relegation zone with a fine pick, leaving Gurd and Wickett needing a winner in Week 10 and hope that Clare, Britcliffe or Lloyd cannot find a suitably priced banker.

Lineker League

Callan continues his cautious approach to promotion, and sits comfortably in the box seat.  Southworth chose the wrong week to slip up and Roberts slides above him.  Baker and Lewis lurk mid table seemingly autopicking, meaning that Gibbons and Virdi know what they need to escape the relegation.  Worryingly for Southworth with autopicking seeming to be the order of the day, a promotion chasing loss for him, could see him relegated, as there are plenty within range.  Noyce found a fine winner, but it all seems too little too late.

Shearer League

Lowe is a small step from glory and surely just needs to avoid defeat, but a smallish winner from Malone combined with a big winner from Conduit means the other promotion spot is far from guaranteed, with Heseltine also still in the hunt (although he will be ruing his loss).  With Hughes and Crunkhorn well in the red, even Chadbourne and Willshire can afford the luxury of an extravagant promotion chasing biggy.  Wrigley and Bailey though will need to make sure, in case of a successful 2.5-3.0 pick from Hughes.

Dickov League

Jones and Elder look safe in the promotion zone, although with a buffer to Omoriyekemwen and Hastie in the relegation zone, Baker, Ross Jones and Owen can all afford to go for a big win in week 10.  Nikuradze, Wickham and Haywood should be alright as long as they pick a winner, but will need to keep an eye out for outlandish but plausible desperation picks from Omoriyekemwen and Hastie.  (Can something be outlandish, plausible and desperate? ed.)

Lee League

Danny Lewis has seemingly secured promotion with a fine 2.62 pick, and Simms safety has allowed him to capitalise on Emma Sht Box's mistake.  With Wilkison and Blackley having, what is known in the trade, as "mares" Moss, MJ Blackley and Beech can go for big winners on the buzzer.  Winners of any sort for Ingham and A Jones should be enough to ensure Lee League participation in Season 14.

Ali Dia League

Delahunt and particularly Storey will be concerned with Rasboa's proximity, but still look bg favourites for promotion.  Ukela, Charlton, Cornwell and Syaba are neither going up or down and may "blood the youth" in the last picking week.  Drury should be safe, but Ball and Pilkington are still swinging wildly and he needs to guard against a lucky hit in week 10.

Boogers League

With 4 up, Craig the Ram and Pete Cornwell must have done enough to secure promotion.  Hatchard and Ellie D will need to be wary of late surges from Chrissy Blackers, Craig the Sheepdip and Kevin.... and perhaps even Adam Weavers as F.T.J and Lisa Bradbury are close to being lapped in the relegation zone.

Devine League

Well this is the tightest league of the lot with no-one sure of promotion or relegation.  With so many autopickers I can't be bothered to do analysis!

Holdsworth League

Hardly a frightening league, with only Rob Weston in positive figures, here's to hoping that when they enter the league they find some form!


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