Season 13 - Week 7

It's getting to the business end of the season now and it is all about who will blink first in both the promotion and relegation battles.  Those players getting all blinky this week include the erstwhile leader Dunk, whose pick of Colchester has dropped him from 1st to 7th with his second consecutive loss.  Ricky Jones remains in second following a banker pick.  Grant Elder is the main benefactor of Dunk's incompetence and Jones' reticense, his bold (but eminently sensible) Everton away pick catapulting him from 4th to 1st.  Craig Lowe was another to pick Everton and he moves up to 3rd.  Tim Lines (a consistent Pele league performer who has never won an honour) was also rewarded for his boldness, his 2.20 backing of Bradford has moved him up to 4th overall and top of the Pele league.

Everton beating Portsmouth was a popular pick this week, with someone picking it in each of the top 8 leagues, I don't think a pick has ever been so popular.... but then again has a team ever been as bad as Portsmouth?!!

Tim Lines' pick has given him a substantial £1.75 lead  at the top of the Pele, with a phenomenal 8 people picking losers in the top flight.  With Gibbons (T) the only other person to pick a winner, the effect has been to concertina the gap between promotion and relegation with only £2.91 separating 2nd and 9th.  You have to feel for Kelly, Gould and Gibbons, who are all in the relegation zone, despite being in positive figures.

Elsewhere Lisa Bradbury is now the only person to have not picked a winner this season and she is in danger of setting the record for the worst ever losing streak (see table below).

Andrew Jones 12
Lisa Bradbury 12
Nik Simms 11
Ricky Jones 11
Ben Drury 10
Matt Britcliffe 10

Chris Roberts remains on the top of the winning streak list with a monumental 20 winners back-to-back

Chris Roberts 20
goga nikuradze 15
Pete Baker 14
Darren Clare 13
Jake Jones 13
Matt Haywood 13


Picks of the week

Andrew Jones flew off the bottom of the league with the pick of the week, his pick of Swansea to put Sheff Utd to the sword garnering him an impressive £2.00 gain.    Both Emma Sht Box and Craig Storey picked the Plymouth v Forest away win to gain £1.50 and Matt Bailey also picked a notable Sheff Wed home win.

Focus on..... Nik Simms

Why am I focussing on a player in the 6th tier of predicting you may ask, well unless you have avidly studied the "Hall of Fame" you may be unaware that Nik Simms holds the record for the finest ever season, with an unbelievable £13.55 in Season 8.  This is made all the more incredible by the fact that he has only achieved positivity in 3 of the 9 previous seasons and also holds the 3rd worst season record as well (only Matt Britcliffe -£9 and Simon Gurd -£8.75 have been worse).  Despite his patchy record, all augurs well for this season, with Nik sitting top of the Lee League.  Nik's picking this season is either safe or forgetful, with only one pick of note (Man City to beat Arsenal).


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