Season 4 - Week 1

At around 2.30 pm on Saturday afternoon the impossible happened.  People everywhere were struck motionless in surprise and awe, mouths agape, the impossible had happened.  There would have been less surprise had Big Ben tumbled into the Thames leaving just a yawning whole filled with jelly Tim Hughes has picked a winner, but not any old winner, a winner of such magnitude that he is not only top of his league, but the overall league  For those newer members Tim has managed to beat the laws of probability so spectacularly in the last 4 season that he has plummeted from the top flight into the depths of Lee League, going down faster than a Thai hooker on a meter.  Maybe this is the season that will change it all, maybe the Americans will elect a President based on their ability to run the country, time can only tell.

In other news newbies Jones J, Rodgers and Lowe start off with losses, although Jones, R shows his brother / son / random name buddy (delete as applicable) the way to go by picking the Baggies away at Hull.


Pele League


Potential Winnings £5,500; Success 4/10; Verdict: Not top league material


Nick Lines leads the way with a bold away pick from Matt me Gibbons, Tony I made this website so Ive gotta win Southworth and David Ive got a big head I must be intelligent Lloyd also picked winners, but the rest were disappointing.  Having shed the chaff from the top flight it was disappointing to miss by quite so much.  Tim Lines even managed to pick the one game Wigan have won since 1937.


Lineker League


Potential  Winnings £11,400; Success 7/10; Verdict: Largely impressive


Nice to see Jimmy Smith picking a winner, almost as surprising as Tim but not quite, but in a week where they came quite close, lets concentrate on the losers.  Simon Gurd can be forgiven for picking a rampant Arsenal team, and David Rosser should almost be congratulated for betting against Norwich, but Jon Dunk, what were you thinking.  Rule 1 of Weekend Predictor, never ever bet on a game involving Man City, they are as random as Jason Lees shooting and as unpredictable as Joel Wrigley its called Weekend Predictor, pick something you can predict!


Dickov League


Potential Winnings: £6,700; Success 4/10; Verdict: Eminently forgettable


I was going to write something here, but I cant recall what I was going to say. Due to some drop-outs a couple of people got promoted to this league who would have otherwise stayed in the Lee League, for that I can only apologise to the others in the Dickov League.  Forgive me father for he has sinned, betting against the League leaders, for the others, it was same old same old, Arsenal and Pompey failing where so many others have succeeded this season already.  West Brom came in for many this week and Gary Lewis was another benefactor, propelling him into a massive 59p lead at the top.


Lee League


Potential Winnings: £cough 130k cough; Success: Guess; Verdict: Not easy for the new guys, and the old guys are still down there for a reason


Well Tim obviously leads the way from another honorary Baggies fan Ross Jones and Andrew Wickett managed to pick Bolton away at Watford, as for the rest of you, you werent even close, Leeds lost at Norwich, Newcastle lost at Fulham, West Ham lost at Villa why would you pick Birmingham at Colchester, it has been a fortress for Colchester this season.  You need to take a good long look at yourselves and come back with a  new strategy for next week, or just let the missus pick the result for you, which I can only presume was your strategy this week.  Oooh that Keiron Dyer is fit, pick Newcastle.


Gibbo out


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