Season 3 - Week 2

But what bu b wh...... that's the sound of the big guns stuttering as the wheels come off for the pre-season favourites.  The reigning champion Pilkington was fooled by Forest's league position as they only scraped a draw away at Rotherham and Pele's reigning champion Lines Sr failed to see Wycombe failing at home to Grimbsy.  Even the leader going into Week 2 (Virdi) couldn't pick a winner in Cardiff at home.  But he remains second in a week where the outside shots failed to come in, indeed some of the bankers missed as well with Cardiff and Arsenal letting down the punters.  Rosser leads the way as he succesfully spotted that Man City's defence would be strong enough to withhold the might (?) of Fulham's attack.

The Pele League

Potential Winnings: £8,890

Success: 5/10

Verdict: It's tough at the top

What worked so well for Drury in season 1 is now failing miserably in the top flight, as he remains rooted at the bottom of the league, although Norwich took the lead at Ipswich they were outclassed and outgunned by a young vibrant Ipswich team.  Not even close to the right result.  Holland picking Swindon away has seen him rocket to the top, as the ever-so-smug Pilkington suffers his first failure in a while.  Tony's second banker on the trot sees him rise to second and his softly softly approach will surely see him in the mix at the end of the season.  An admirable away win for Stoke at least sees one of the promoted teams (Haywood) have some success, but surely the top league should be setting a better example than this (22p overall)

The Gary Lineker League

Potential Winnings: £8,435

Success: 5/10

Verdict: With all the bankers coming in, the long-shot pickers need to start picking winners or face relegation

Shakespeare must be suffering from a nosebleed up there at the top, a cracking pick seeing Rangers overturn Hearts at 2.6.  The rest need not fear though, it is Shakespeare after all, his season will soon turn Bard.  Boring boring Healey takes second with a Chelsea win over Watford and boing boing Boycey Boycey pulls himself back to even after a poor start.  Shockingly 4 people have yet to pick a winner and the league itself is suffering.  It would be a staggering £9.60 down if the bets were placed as singles.

The Paul Dickov League

Potential Winnings: £5,224

Success: 6/9

Verdict:  With the East Stirling game called off, the league had a better chance of winning and came as close as anyone this week.

With Rosser leading the charge and Dunk convincing many that he can return to previous heights, this competitive league could well produce the first winning accumulator.  If only they can convince Wrigley (Leicester v Preston draw) and Lemm (Reading v Charlton draw) that the aim of this game is to pick winners they might be in with a shout, as it is the league is up £1.38 and showing the way.

The Pineapple League

Potential Winnings: £8,127

Success: 3/10

Verdict: Rubbish

With 5 people yet to pick a winner this year this league is barely worth me writing about..... so I won't... give me something to talk about guys, some sort of excitement please.


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