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Season 56 - Week 7 - Season End

Well that was intense! I hope you all enjoyed the end of the English season. Unfortunately we haven't been able to complete the 10 week season and as we move on there are not enough European games to fill the coupon so I think it is best to leave it there.
Congratulations to McLean Jim for winning the overall league with a huge 16.80 and to David Rosser for winning the top league.

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Marcus Rashford: Man Utd striker scores hat-trick after 1m signatures
Told to "stick to his football", Marcus Rashford scores a hat-trick for Manchester United in the Champions League thrashing of RB Leipzig.
29 Oct 2020 00:12
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Frank Lampard: 'I always have Roman Abramovich's support', says Chelsea boss
Frank Lampard says he "always feels the support" of owner Roman Abramovich after the owner made a rare appearance at their game in Russia.
28 Oct 2020 22:48
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Juventus 0-2 Barcelona: Win is best response to club turmoil, says Sergi Roberto
Barcelona provided "the best response" to the turmoil off the pitch by convincingly beating Juventus in the Champions League, says midfielder Sergio Roberto.
28 Oct 2020 22:49
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Alex Telles: Manchester United defender tests positive for coronavirus
Manchester United confirm that Brazil left-back Alex Telles has tested positive for coronavirus.
28 Oct 2020 23:14
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