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Well done to Leicester city for gaining promotion back to the promised land of the Prem.

They have been phenomenal this last few months and deserve it. Everton are closing in on 4th spot. The arse have arsed it up again my mates bet for Spurs to finish above Arsenal looks on again. (This is written on sunday eve before spurs fuck it up against sunderland.) Liverpool Chelsea and Man city all win well to keep the fight for the title going, i'm quite enjoying it this year first time for a while. Even Leeds have a new owner, he may be a mad italian conman but hey if he keeps us out of administration we'll take him. Scunthorpe have kept their 25 game unbeaten run going and they are the only team with the 'c' word legitimately in their name. Chris Hughton was pissed of when he got a card from his missus with Norwich written on the back of the envelope. Oops Mrs H bad timing. Well done to Raith Rovers north of the border beating Rangers in the scottish challenge cup final.

In the leagues it was a mixed bag.

(team nicknames only)

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