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So round one threw up a few shocks and some risky moves, some paid off some didn't.
The highlights were, James Holland's Rep Of Ireland pick at 1p. But it paid off and took him through as his opponent didn't win. Ayako Ono staged a giant killing going through by 3p their opponent winning with 80p but Ono takes 83p. Other giant killings were Glen McPherson who knocked out Pele league Steph Cook, Glen picking a great 2.40 win. Tom Kerr also knocked out Pele opposition in David Lloyd.

Anyone who didn't pick took a minus 1.00 hit as per the normal game rules. This threw up 3 odd positions. Owen Williams didn't pick but still progressed as his overall total was higher. And Matty Roworth progresses despite not picking this week, because his opponent David Rosser, although he picked, he lost and their overall totals mean Matty goes through. As does Matthew Gibbons.
Hopefully this next round will see everyone picking.

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