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He must be from Bradford cos he backed city
to make the prem leaders look shitty
he scored a historic twenty
and he deserves praise a plenty.
But was it great predicting
or just a misplaced pin?
We'll never know if luck was at all in the frame
but he definitely has top place for best scoring pick
in the weekend predictor hall of fame.

OMG OMFG what a weekend. Not just a great performance for my home town club Cambridge United on Friday, making man Utd look ordinary. Then there was Middesborough beating Man City  away. Then Blackburn beatign Swansea early doors. Palace turn the prem table upside down agaisnt southampton and then .. and i shit you not i had to rub my eyes Bradford City, 6th in league one. Beat Chelski the millionaires from west London, the playboys of the premier league ...4-2. Not a battling 1-0 nil lucky win. They deserved it. Really deserved it Jon stead was awesome. Then later on Liverpool get held by Bolton. How the fuck are you expected to predict anything in that lot ....unless your name is Gareth Hedges.

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